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11th Public Exam Result 2023

     The 11th public exam result for this year will be officially released on 19th May on the Official DGE Websites, You can follow these steps to see your Public Exam Result 2023.  The 11th standard public exam was conducted from March to April month for the academic year 2022-23. The result for HSE (+1) Public exam will be released on 19th May @ 02.00 PM 2023. The result date was officially confirmed by the directorate of government examination of Tamilnadu by a press release released on 24th June. Students can check their 11th Standard public exam results on the government's official websites which are listed below. We had listed the official government websites to check the HSE(+1) 11th standard Public results for 2023.

TN 11th Result website 

How to Download 11th Result 2023

  • Step 1: Visit the Official website for TN Results ""
  • Step 2: Enter Your Register Number which is provided by your school and the Date of birth that you had given in your Nominal Roll.
  • Step 3: Finally Touch the Get Marks Button. You will get your Mark Like Below 

Step 1 : Click The Above Website Link. If the First Server is busy using the second Website. Click the Text Named "HSE (+1) - May 2023 Results

tnresults 11th Result 2023

Step 2 : Enter Your Register Number which is provided by your school and Date of birth that you had given in your Nominal Roll. 11th Result

Step 3 : Finally Touch the Submit Button . You will get your Mark Like Below 

tnresults 11th Website

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TN 11th Results Website

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